What Is OCCIF?

The Orthodox Church Capital Improvement Fund (OCCIF) was created to assist parishes, missions, and monastic communities, who serve the canonical jurisdictions of Orthodox Bishops of the Orthodox Church in the United States, acquire, build, remodel, and refinance church-related properties, furthering the great mission of Christ’s Church.

OCCIF works hard to arrive at rates and terms, that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each qualified candidate, striving to provide at or below market rates. This process is designed to reduce a community's long term obligations as quickly as responsibly feasible. OCCIF goes on to offer services beyond the loan. These services are in place to assist the borrower in the proper allocation of their loan proceeds when used for construction and remodel projects.

How Does OCCIF Accomplish Its Mission?

Through the generous support of the very Church OCCIF was created to serve!

Your donations to OCCIF will be put to work directly assisting the parishes, missions, and monasteries of our Orthodox faith take the next critical steps in their growth and development. Supporting OCCIF today insures that the growth of our Church is in good hands. The millions of dollars of interest, paid annually to secular lenders for church-related loans, now have the ability to be cultivated and reintroduced into the ongoing work of the Orthodox Church.

Take a look through our website. Get to know us. Consider ways you or your parish can donate into this lending mission of the Orthodox Church Capital Improvement Fund. Please consider getting involved and pledging your support to this vital program. The more we have, the more we can do!

John R. Della Monica, Jr.