John R. Della Monica Jr.


John is a licensed architect and has practiced in the State of California for 28 years. As a 25 year member of the Mission Board of the Diocese of the West, Orthodox Church in America, John traveled extensively throughout the ten Western United States, serving developing missions, established parishes and monastic communities. Funding sources to support the Church’s expansion was a constant problem for all groups.

It was out of this living experience, the need, formulation and realization of OCCIF occurred. While it took years and many talented hands to develop from concept what OCCIF would finally become, it received its qualified, nonprofit status from both federal and state agencies. As President, John’s focus remains in the areas of program awareness, partnership development for support and the on-going efforts of the Board Directors, furthering the capacity of its service to the Church. John has shared his life with his wife, Cindy, their three adult children and now is blessed with grandchildren.

Outside of OCCIF, John is currently serving as President of DBA, a local business association, a development group member for children’s science museums and architect to his own parish.