OCCIF Needs Your Support!



The better we can SERVE the Church through the generous SUPPORT of our benefactors, the more we can BUILD together. With your donation and that of your parish, OCCIF can service more loan requests each year, building on past success and working hard to an even better future!

Donated capital into OCCIF grows 85% faster than interest-bearing loans, as all interest earnings stay within the program, expanding our capacity to serve the Church.

OCCIF’s mission is to provide financial support to any qualified mission, parish, monastic community or institution serving the Orthodox jurisdictions determined as canonical by the Assembly of Canonical Bishops of the United States of America and/or its successor for real-property related projects. To see OCCIF’s completed, current, and proposed projects, please visit our Projects page. To better understand the diversity of our loan programs, see our Loans page.


To make your generous donation to OCCIF, as a one-time gift or pledged amount, please use our OCCIF Donation Form

Donations can also be made through PayPal by clicking on the Donate button here:


Encourage your fellow parishioners and family members to give to this unique program. OCCIF is designed to give back all that it gains to the very source of its support, our Orthodox Church. This commitment shows itself in the form of land on which to build a new temple, a renovated hall to promote fellowship, a new school to foster the next generation’s education, or expanding a facility for those who pray for us on a daily basis.

Encourage your mission or parish councils to build into their annual budget a place for OCCIF. The realization that each existing community’s support directly strengthens the growing, broad base of our Orthodox faith throughout United States, crossing jurisdictional, ethnic and language barriers. We all serve Christ. Let us all learn to support each other, coming to the mutual understanding that we are all parts of His Church!

Thank you for your generous support!