OCCIF Online Loan ApplicationAll applicants must be a mission, parish, monastic community or institution serving the canonical jurisdictions of the Orthodox Church in the United States of America and/or its successor(s).

Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. Incomplete application packages will be returned but may be resubmitted.

If you would prefer a hard copy, download here: Loan Application

Submit hard copies to:

1141 Catalina Drive, #294
Livermore, CA 94550


Primary Contact (if different than above)


Make sure to submit schematic design-level documents demonstrating scope and scale of project, such as, but not limited to, site plans, floor plans, exterior elevations, finish material in your zip file.

Project Location (fill in all applicable information)

Anticipated Project Timeframe (fill in all applicable information)


Loan Value (fill in all applicable information)


Current Financial Conditions

Current Banking Relationship (provide additional information for each relationship on separate sheet)

Outside Loan Commitments (list all other loans currently in place, use separate sheet if needed)

Personal Loans

For any personal loans made to the organization, by members or outside individuals (not a commercial source) please upload in a zip file and list the value and payment schedule for each loan. Also indicate the initiation date, interest rate, term and remaining balance for each loan.

Financial Statements
OCCIF requires the submission of a total of 3 years of financial statements. (complete statements for the previous two years, plus current year-to-date)

Hierarchical Approval
Attach a copy of the letter from your Hierarch in your zip file, demonstrating His blessing to proceed with this application.

Additional Information

Additional information may be requested by the Loan Committee, based upon it's initial review of the information contained in this application.  Written requests will be sent to the applicant from OCCIF, outlining the nature and detail of the additional information needed to complete it's review.

All statements uploaded must, at a minimum, include:

  • All regular income, capital campaign income, other restricted income
  • All regular operational expenses, salaries, rent/mortgage, capital expenditures.

In your zip attachment, please also list the following:

  • All insurance policies, listed by type and related expenses
  • Any tax related expenses (sales, property, income) not listed in financial statements
  • All liens or levies (federal or State) with amounts and background information.

If you require help with uploading, please contact our staff at info@occif.org


Please sign with full legal name.