On the Road with OCCIF!

As introductory events go, The Orthodox Church Capital Improvement Fund’s (OCCIF) introduction to the National Church was quiet and professional, but so much more than we could have hoped for!

After more than seven years of planning, organizing, and refining our new program, having the opportunity to speak about OCCIF with the attendees at the 18th All-American Council in Atlanta in July was a great joy! Five of our Board Members were able to attend and assisted in sharing OCCIF’s vision.

I personally had the opportunity to meet with several Hierarchs, a multitude of parish and mission priests, monastics, lay delegates, and observers, as well as representatives of other church-affiliated organizations, over the five-day event.

The OCCIF booth – set in the royal blue and gold colors of our logo – contained information attendants could read and carry back to their parishes and missions, while others viewed our newly released website on computers. Two six-foot-tall banners flanked the booth boundaries, displaying projects completed with OCCIF’s assistance, as well as others getting underway.

We met with many enthusiastic participants who asked for additional information, showed interest in committing to loan programs underway, or discussed planned giving to the Fund. This gave us all much to follow up on after returning home!

It was a true blessing to attend the AAC and we look forward to the next Council in three years. Look for us to participate in several Diocesan Assemblies in the coming year as we continue to spread the word that OCCIF IS HERE!

Your Servant in Christ,
John Della Monica